Client Background

Stellar Works is a furniture designer and manufacturer combining Asian aesthetics and production with traditional Western design culture and values.

The Brief

  1. From a preexisting English website, create a mirror site in Chinese.
  2. Streamline existing interactive functions and add new ones, including product customization.
  3. Rebuild the backend for scalability, including a single CMS that can power both websites.
  4. Deploy each website language version to each country, ensuring fast loading for both.
  5. Provide post-launch updates, maintenance, and support on an ongoing basis.

The Brand

Existing brand guidelines were provided by the Client.
We selected Chinese typefaces to match the character of the existing English choices.

Strategy + Key Directives


Design and develop new UI/UX components, in cooperation with client’s internal design team.


Convert existing English site to multiple regional sites, deployed to separate servers.


Integrate a single API-based CMS where Client can update multilingual content all in one place.

Instant Product Filtering

To avoid page refreshing and lengthly load times, we rebuilt the main product page to use React’s state-based filtering, by furniture type, designer, collection, and more.

Instant Site Search

To replace the original Wordpress plugin-based search, we used Algolia, which allows instant searching upon keypress, and better grouping and configuration of search results.

Registered User Downloads

Previously, users had to download images one at a time, which could grow tedious. We designed and developed a “download all” function to make this process more user-friendly.

Product Configuration

We added a new component displaying multiple versions of a product by combination of two types of materials.

API-Based Multilingual CMS

To make room for future expansion, and make multilingual data entry more client-friendly, we rebuilt the backend to use Contentful, an API-based CMS.

Services Provided

Design + Frontend

  • UI/UX Component Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Frontend Development (React)
  • China Website Localization

APIs, Data + Backend

  • CMS Integration (Contentful)
  • API Integration (Mailchimp)
  • Multilingual Support (English / Chinese)
  • Custom Email Notifications
  • Instant Search (Algolia)


  • Website Hosting (US + China)
  • Ongoing Maintenance + Support
  • CMS Training
  • Google Analytics Installation
  • Cross-Browser Testing
  • Loading Speed Optimization
  • Continuous Deployment
  • ICP License Application

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